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We provide a welcoming and supportive environment for women who are in need. These women may be feeling scared, uncertain, or just need some help during a difficult time. They are faced with the choice of giving life to their baby or having an abortion. Our goal is to offer a place where they can come and talk, work through their struggles, and find answers to their questions. We provide a safe space without judgment, where truth is spoken, and faith abounds. If you would like to be a part of this ministry and help these women, we welcome your support. You can contribute your time, prayers, or gifts in many ways. If you are interested in donating, there are many creative ways. Please check out the links below for some ideas. Whether you want to do it alone, with friends or coworkers, or as part of a larger group such as a church body, women's ministry, or even a business, there are plenty of ideas for you. Click on the links to see unique ideas that others have tried before. If you donate and have a business, we would love to feature it on our "friends for life" page (coming soon). You can send us your logo and website link or even create a small ad, and we will post it. Keep checking back for fun ideas!

  1. Host a Baby Shower

  2. Adopt Answers for Life for a month

  3. Host a diaper drive

  4. Host an event

  5. Host a neighborhood meet and great event

  6. Host a baby bottle event

  7. Host a Name That Baby game event

  8. Host a tea

  9. Host a yard sale/trade for diapers, formula or new baby toys

  10. Host an ice cream social

  11. Host a Silent Auction/Raffle/Giveaway


There are also "awareness" events.

Host an event where we can be a guest speaker.

Sponsor a booth for AFL

Use a media package

Have us come to your group as guest

Put a link to our websites on your webpage.