AFL Founders: Everly Rens-Kirby, Kathy Shechter and Kathy Arizmendi

Answers for Life

Founded in 2013 this ministry began with $1,000 seed money and quickly began to flourish. Within 8 months we were able to purchase our own building. And the following year, we were able to buy the neighboring building which supports our Life Resource Center, meeting the material needs of our clients and their children. Because of our commitment to help families with unexpected pregnancy, our hope is to see Answers for Life Centers all over the city, providing this much needed and life-giving support to those in need. Answers for Life is currently being served by a staff of four and over 50 volunteers.

Client Testimony - Deborah (from Rwanda)

“I got to know my pregnancy for the first time from Answers for Life, very surprising story how an asylum seeker who had nowhere to stay, no relatives and no family in the state, to find myself pregnant of twins. God bless Answers for Life for your support, free service, and great care from Dr. Graz and the best team of nurses I ever met their moral support, their smiles and motivation. I am glad I was supported by Answers for Life. I have good health and healthy kids because of you.”